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emmentaler cheese slices with dill sprigs Pressed, cooked cheeses were first produced in mountain villages by dairy cooperatives in their quest to create a product which would keep well for long periods.  To make these cheeses, cow's milk is heated and cultured with lactic ferments and rennet.  The curds are finely cut and stirred, then cooked further to eliminate the whey.  The resulting paste is pressed for several hours to mold and compress the cheeses.  They are then brined and moved to a cool cellar for initial ripening.  After several weeks, they are moved to a warm cellar where they gain their distinctive character; here, the dense curds created by the cooking process trap carbon dioxide released by bacteria as they consume lactic acid, causing distinctive bubbles to form.  When this is complete, the cheeses are moved back to a cool cellar where they ripen fully, taking several months to over five years.  These cheeses are usually formed into large, flattened wheels which sometimes weigh well over one hundred pounds!  Simply stored in the refrigerator, these cheeses will keep for quite a long time.

parmesan cheese wedges Cheeses in this class are often called Swiss cheeses, both for their place of origin and their characteristic holes.  They have a firm, elastic texture, waxy golden color, and a rich, mellow flavor that strengthens with age.  Swiss cheeses are served cubed as appetizers, slice neatly for serving on bread or sandwiches, travel well for outings, and melt beautifully into sauces and gratins.  Classic examples include Gruyere, Emmentaler, Beaufort, and Jarlsberg.  Other cheeses less characteristic of the "Swiss cheese" description are the so-called hard grating cheeses.  They are produced with similar methods, and include favorites such as Italian Asiago, Parmigiano, Romano, and Provolone.

gruyere cheese and croutons in French onion soup Italian parmigiano reggiano cheese wheels

Scalded Cheese Suppliers

  • Jarlsberg.  Developed and produced in Norway, Jarlsberg cheese is famous for its sweet, nutty taste and characteristic holes.
  • Finlandia is an importer of cheeses that are often found at supermarket deli counters; popular varieties include swiss, lacey swiss, and havarti.
  • Guggisberg Cheese is the home of the original baby swiss.  Produced in Ohio, in the heart of the Doughty Valley.

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